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    Shine Right Through the Dark
11 original new songs from Matt Watroba

Produced by David Mosher & Matt Watroba
Featuring: David Mosher, Katie Geddes, Theresa Smith
& Robert Jones

Although Michigan singer/songwriter/radio host Matt Watroba has been making music his entire life, Shine Right Through the Dark is his first collection of all original material. It took listening to thousands of songs and interviewing hundreds of songwriters for Matt to find his voice and, although a late bloomer, he has hit the ground running as they say. On Shine Right through the Dark you will find 11 well crafted tracks that reflect Mattís sense of place (The Saint Of Warren Avenue, They Used to Play Baseball Here), his love of country music (This Ainít My Town Anymore, Knoxville Shadow), and the folk music that defines who he is as a writer and community singer (Shine Right Through the Dark, Yellow Lace, Billyís Bandana, Lifetime Love). Framed by tasteful acoustic arrangements and illuminated by some of the best vocalists in the business, Shine Right Through the Dark is the kind of CD you will find yourself playing over and over again.


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    Jukebox Folk
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Find out what happens when seasoned entertainer and performer Matt Watroba turns his attention to classic country music. You donít have to dig far into the roots of American music to find the connection between country and folk. This recording is a celebration of that connection. Expect a lively set of acoustic renditions of some of our best loved country songs. Also included are four brand new original songs in the tradition. Get ready for bass slappiní and string poppiní covers of The Louvin Brothers, Hank Williams, The Delmore Brothers, Ernest Tubb, Woody Guthrie, Roger Miller, Webb Pierce, and many others. Great melodies, hot solos, and soaring vocal harmonies await you on this third CD release from Matt Watroba.

Produced by David Mosher

Featuring David Mosher and Katie Geddes
With special guests Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Mark & Carol Palms, Whit & Al Hill, and Theresa Smith


  • I Heard the Bluebird Sing (Hod Pharis)
  • Hank & George & Ernest & Merle (Matt Watroba)
  • More and More (Merle Kilgore)
  • Southern Moon (Delmore Brothers)
  • (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I (Bill Trader)
  • Train of Life (Roger Miller)
  • The Jukebox Taught Me Everything I Know (Matt Watroba)
  • Why Don't You Love Me (Hank Williams)
  • Hoping That You're Hoping (Betty E. Harrison)
  • My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You (Bob Wills)
  • Oklahoma Hills (Jack Guthrie & Woody Guthrie)
  • Put Me On the Trail to Carolina (Delmore Brothers)
  • Waltz Across Texas (Ernest Tubb)
  • When You Think You're Alone (Matt Watroba)
  • How Will I Leave (Matt Watroba)

    The Best is Yet to Be
$17.50 ($15.00 plus $2.50 shipping)
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Just after turning 40, folk singer Matt Watroba suddenly came to the realization that, contrary to almost every message sent in our culture, there are some great things about getting older. In the middle of a concert at a senior center in his home state of Michigan, the idea for The Best is Yet to Be was born. "I began singing several songs about aging and was amazed at the audience response," Watroba recalls. "I was singing about things that people thought about but rarely verbalized. There are some great things about getting older!" As host of the popular public radio show "Folks Like Us," Watroba knew the power of stringing together songs around a theme. The result is a lively and touching collection of songs that will reach your heart, make you smile, and get you singing. Joining Watroba on The Best is Yet to Be are some of the finest folk musicians in the country, including Anne Hills and Josh White Jr.

Produced by Neil Woodward

With special guest musicians:
Neil Woodward - vocal, mandolin, dobro, guitar, banjo, autoharp, fiddle, harmonica, dulcimer, bones
Gary Weisenburg - vocal, bass, accordion
Peter "Madcat" Ruth - harmonica
Anna Huthmaker - cello
Jan Krist - vocal
Anne Hills - vocal
Katie Geddes - vocal
Josh White Jr. - vocal
Will & Barb Young - readings


  • Intro/The Best is Yet to Be (poems by Robert Browning and Edna St. Vincent Millay)
  • Old Love (Neal Hagberg & Leandra Peak)
  • Immigrant Eyes (Guy Clark & Roger Murrah)
  • Get Up and Go (Pete Seeger)
  • The Thing That Makes You Beautiful (Jane Voss)
  • Bed of Roses (Steve Gillette & Rex Benson)
  • Are You Tired of Me My Darling (Traditional)
  • The Petit Vieux (words by Robert Service; music by David Parry)
  • October Roses (Linda Allen)
  • Geritol Gypsy (Peter Krug)
  • Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain (Fred Rose)
  • How the Love Flows (Neil Woodward)
  • When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs)

Read Marty Kohn's review from The Detroit Free Press.

    Matt Watroba Live At The Ark
$15.00 for CD, $10.00 for cassette, plus $2.50 shipping
Send check made payable to Matt Watroba
to the above address

It was a cool night at the end of August 1997. Around 250 people gathered at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to participate in the long awaited recording of folksinger and WDET host Matt Watroba's debut recording event. The pressure was on. The result? It was magical. The audience sang like a choir. The music and energy coming from the stage that night will be captured forever on compact disc and cassette: an hour of live music that will either serve as a wonderful introduction to folk music or a reminder of why you loved it in the first place.

Produced by Neil Woodward

With special guest musicians:
Neil Woodward - vocal, dobro, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, octave mandolin, mandolin
Gary Weisenburg - vocal, bass
Jan Krist - vocal
Robert Jones - vocal and national steel guitar


  • Handful of Songs (Jerry Rasmussen)
  • Drive Dull Care Away (traditional)
  • Cow Imagination (Lou & Peter Berryman)
  • Miss the Mississippi (Jimmy Rodgers)
  • Bramble and the Rose (Barbara Keith)
  • My Sweet Wyoming Home (Bill Staines)
  • Night Riderís Lament (Mike Burton)
  • Their Way (new words by Bob Blue)
  • Passiní Through (traditional)
  • Home to Me Is Anywhere You Are (Tom Paxton)
  • Amazing Grace/That Kind of Grace (Anne Hills & David Roth)
  • Peace Will Come (Tom Paxton)
  • Song for the Life (Rodney Crowell)
  • Hoboís Lullaby (Gobel Reeves)

"Matt Watroba is one of those singers that songwriters live for. He has terrific taste in music, possesses an outstanding voice and the ability to not only perform beautifully, but to teach audiences the songs as he sings them. On this album he is surrounded by an angelic-voiced audience and top-flight side musicians and singers - -Jan Krist's voice in particular is stunning. If anyone wonders why folk concerts are becoming so popular again, they just need to listen to this album, and then they'll know why."

Christine Lavin


"Warm, Lovely and Intimate... just a couple of telling words to get the feel of Matt Watrobaís Live at the Ark CD. After seeing Matt live I know the feeling that inspired his live audience to sing along. The simple, heartfelt feel of the music is real and needs no niche of its own."

Carey Carlson
Creator and Host of "Over Easy" 94.7 WCSX


"If your love of folk music ever has a shaky day, listen to Matt Watroba Live at The Ark and you will be reunited with your passion. Without being smarmy, Live at The Ark is a tribute to the whole idea of singable songs, to their audiences, to others who perform them, to those who write them, to venues where they are played, to engineers who make them portable, to chair folders and string winders and fret sawyers and pick sellers all the way to the last guy sweeping out the capo peelings. If you want to hear what it sounds like to adore folk music, and at the same time boundlessly appreciate why itís adorable, Matt Watroba is your man."

Lou and Peter Berryman


"Matt Watroba breaks down the barrier between singer and audience ... sounds like a living room performance for a bunch of close friends."

Sing Out!
The Folksong Magazine